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CCRSR Carbon rear wing
Special design full carbon wing
245mm x 55mm x 60mm
105,00 €
Moca carbon rear spoiler "WU"
Carbon spoiler for largescale touring cars. This spoiler consists of a 2-part mounting bracket which is attached under the body and acts equally as body reinforcement.
99,00 €
Mielke carbon rear wing
Carbon rear spoiler 265 mm wide
Consisting of:
1 x Carbon spoiler profile
2 x Carbon spoiler support
2 x Stiffening strips
Mounting material
Weight 62 grams
75,00 €
Genius Carbon Rear Wing
Genius Carbon spoiler
99,00 €
Carbon rear wing support
Carbon rear wing support to prevents body damage when crashing and makes the rear end more stable!
Available for serveral types of bodyshells.
35,00 €
Mielke GT full carbon wing
6004/1 GT wing for Porsche body
350mm width
99,90 €

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