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Powerlock 2 Differential Set
Ready to Race - fully assembled Powerlock 2 Set - without differential gear - Including spacer for HighGrip & LowGrip Option

For us as SCS M2 Engineering, it is our utmost concern to bring functional technology onto the market.
Therefore the next step was clear, to optimize the Powerlock 1. Over the years we developed some ideas and decided finally to make it happen – POWERLOCK 2.
429,00 €
SCS M2 Power Fan Wheel 72mm set
SCS M2 Power Fan Wheel 72mm Diameter
Single weight of the SCS M2 Fan Wheel is only 120g
RPM increase on track of around 500-1000 rpm
72mm STANDARD and OFFROAD fan wheel is designed for all other engines
314,10 € 349,00 €
Power Fan Wheel 72 OFFROAD (Single Fan Wheel)
SCS M2 Power Fan Wheel 72mm OFFROAD for maximum cooling (OFFROAD is same direction than the original Zenoah fan) A special hardcoated treatment assures a long life.
249,00 €
Power Insulator 25,5mm (Set)
including all gaskets
55,00 €
SCS M2 Powerlock Differential SET 'black' edition
Powerlock Differential Set " Black Edition 2016 " is fully assembled and contains all carbon discs which are currently used with the differential

Standard 32mm, V2 29mm, V3, V4 and a bottle of oil for the first usage
309,00 €
Diff-Ramps for SCS Powerlock
Diff-Ramps made of alloy 7075 T6 with a special coating for long life duration.

73% less weight compared to the standard ramps out of steal combined with the same functions and same price.
60,99 €
Diff-spacers for SCS Powerlock diff
This spacers are made of our special compound. This results in more traction and less weight.

15,00 €
Powerlock Differential Service kit
Powerlock Differential Service kit
42,90 €
SCS M2 Differential Oil
Specially developed oil for maximum traction

Contents: 50ml
9,90 €
SCS M2 Power Pull-off Tool
SCS M2 Power Pull-off Tool
29,00 €
Screw Tray (magnetic)
Screw Tray (magnetic)
11,90 €

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