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About us

How it all started:
We've started our business after more than 10 years active in the RC racing 1/5th scale class.
As father and son we decided to promote the RC Racing class and this is why whe became distributor for several RC largescale brands!
From now we are official Mecatech distributor in Belgium and due our experience we can offer you the highest quality products wich we also use ourselves.

At National and International races we attend, we also provide help and service to other drivers like setup help and spare parts are available when you need it.

Our latest results and palmares you can find here:
- 2009-2018: 10 times Belgium Champion
- 2010: Warm-up World Championship Brest Finalist
- 2011-2012: Top 10 ranking EFRA overall
- 2012: Top 10 Qualifier European Championship Valencia
- 2013: 2nd Place Warm-up World Championship Lostallo Qualification
- 2013: 3th place Genius Trofeo Fiorano
- 2014: 2nd place Genius Trofeo Fiorano
- 2014: Top 10 EFRA Ranking overall
- 2015: 2nd place EFRA Ranking overall
- 2016: 2nd place EFRA Ranking overall
- 2016: 1st place European Champion Largescale Touringcars ( Italy - Bologna )
- 2017: 3th Place European Championship ( Lostallo - Switzerland )
- 2018: 2nd Place European Championship ( Tourlaville - France)
- 2019: 7th Place World Championship (Vila Real - Portugal)
- 2020: 1st Place Euro Largescale Series (Fiorano - Italy)
- 2022: 1st Place EFRA GP Groningen - Netherlands
Located in Belgium:

Welcome to Redzone-Racing!
Your largescale RC Racing online shop for all your parts and related items.
Due our many years of experience during national and international races we can offer you the highest quality of products for your RC car.

Copyright 2023 by Redzone-Racing

Our shop is located in Belgium and active since 2011,
owned by Giovanni and Ronald Verbrugghe.
We are active in all international events so we can give you the best advice and track support when needed during important events.

We accept worldwide orders and shipment!
Payment can be done by paypal or international bank tranfer.
If you don't find a product you're looking for on our website, just send us an e-mail and we will help as soon as possible!
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