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Welcome to Redzone-Racing, your 1/5th RC class specialist!
We offer you the highest 1/5th RC class products and provide you the best advice with our many years of experience.
If you have any suggestions or tips to improve our shop, please let us now :-).
New products!
GRP W05 Slick - XM1 Extrasoft
2023 version: GRP W05 Slick - XM1 Extrasoft
39,90 €
GRP W04 Revo - XM2 soft
2023 version: GRP W04 Revo - XM2 soft
39,90 €
MCD Nissan TCN5 Body - 535mm
TCN5 NISSAN LWB 1.5mm Body Kit 535-550mm
Immediate availability
149,99 €
Samba 8 short - titanium
Samba 8 short titan pipe without manifold
250,00 €
Abbate legend with ARX ignition
3 liter old: Abbate legend with ARX ignition
Complete in new shape
without venturi
650,00 €
Highest servo DT2200 (4pcs.)
1 season old: Highest servo DT2200 (4pcs.)
300,00 €
Used PMT-tyres in good shape
Used PMT-tyres in good shape:
Slick SS, Soft or Supreme Soft
5,00 euro per pair
5,00 €
Porsche S88R body - for 510mm
Complete 1.5mm bodyshell with Lexan spoiler
125,00 €
Mielke 5201 plastic airbox system
Complete set with adaptor, screws, oil.
Compatible with Porsche body shell for RCS series
65,90 €
GRP Revo XM2 - Soft
This pair of 2022 Tyres have the following technical features:
- REVO carved profile for the maximum traction and the maximum lateral grip
- Carved profile studied to maintain the tyre surface alway clean from rubber murble
- XM2 Soft compound exclusively developped for model tyres
- Internal vulcanized belt with new specific angle weave
- Insert with new variable deformation material
- Wheel produced with new special material resistant to high temperatures and flexible at low temperatures
Immediate availability
31,12 € 38,90 €
G230 cylinder kit
23cc cylinder set
65,90 €
Mielke GT full carbon wing
6004/1 GT wing for Porsche body
350mm width
99,90 €
Complete clutch pads for mecatech 2.0 clutch
54,00 €
Mecatech Racing Adjustable 3 Shoe Clutch now with Bi-Material shoes. For a perfect balance of the clutch, and theirfore also for the crankshaft of the engine.
145,00 €
Mecatech racing carburator
Completely made in high quality aluminium for better performance!
295,00 €
Mecatech racing isolator
build for special polymer for better heat resistant and temperature cut
75,00 €

Welcome to Redzone-Racing!
Your largescale RC Racing online shop for all your parts and related items.
Due our many years of experience during national and international races we can offer you the highest quality of products for your RC car.

Copyright 2023 by Redzone-Racing

Our shop is located in Belgium and active since 2011,
owned by Giovanni and Ronald Verbrugghe.
We are active in all international events so we can give you the best advice and track support when needed during important events.

We accept worldwide orders and shipment!
Payment can be done by paypal or international bank tranfer.
If you don't find a product you're looking for on our website, just send us an e-mail and we will help as soon as possible!
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